You get a surprise birthday dinner instead !
She lied to you when she agreed to go on that dinner with you. You wanted just a dinner so that she would not spend so much on your birthday. She lied to you when she was telling you that she was waiting for her friend to pick her up for a drink. Instead, she was actually with your friends getting you a gift. She made your friend turned up late to pick you up for a drink too.

She lied when she said she was busy with her work. Her work was actually making a card for you. She also lied by saying that she is helping her mum. Instead, she was actually buying a cake for you and collecting her present for you from your friend.

She asked you, " where do you want to go for dinner ?". I was clueless so she suggested Itallianies. So, off we go for our romantic dinner.

Stepped in the restaurant, you see your close friends and your brother sitting down on the table waiting for you. So, you feel me ?

I was awfully shocked and very much surprised. Never expected all this and it just came right up to me. Very very very happy, I was. The dinner was wonderful, thank you all for it. & the cake was great, she knows just the cake I likes.

Though few friends failed to turn up but what the hell, she planned all this herself. Yeah and with some help from Justin & Wai Yong. She was busy with her work yet she managed to pull this off.

After dinner, we went for beer. Wasn't really part of her plan, it was more like mine. Had a good laugh throughout the night and yes, lotsa fun. Thank you Justin for the buckets ! Thank god my friends did not puke that night.

This all sums up to me having the best birthday gave by the best girlfriend. Btw, we were at her place before the dinner and she passed me my present and cards. I cried. Was too touched, haha. Thank you for everything. I was really happy and I appreciate what you did for me ♥ I so love you !

Personally would like to thank Justin and Wai Yong for helping my girlfriend in planning the surprise. And thank you all for coming :) and thanks dad for being part of the surprise. Haha

she is the melody in my head,
she is the gun to my holster <3>