i wanted to bring my hp to school today. but but..! i lost it. =/
i think i left it in adele's mama's car but but.. i have doubts bout it. lawl
its been the whole day my phone is not with me. it hurts me deeply inside TT
hope adele's mama get to look for it asap. sighs =/

physics paper one && two today and pjpk.
i didnt know form4s still have to take pj papers. lols! that paper is meant for us to give stupid answers and i did. *rollseyes*
en. mat mani(sperma) asked me to sit beside him halfway through pj paper cuz i was talking too much. damnnn =]

even during physics paper one i have to change my place. miss ong ask me to sit beside her.
whats with teachers weyhh? why must i be their victim? fugger ._____.
i answered physics one all by myself. i did no cheat! weeeeeee!~
physics two was nice. they asked how to make a saloon car into a safe sports car.
as most of you all know, im the car modding and performance expert. i gave all my knowledge bout it in the question. *winks300timespersecond*
i wrote there i would convert the engine, use stock gearbox, open pod air filter, bov, ICE, what parts and brand, aerodynamics thingy! as long as i answered everything in detail. even the gear ratios. wtfwtf xDD the answer fills up half the page of the exam pad. i end it with "if you would spare me more money, i will add on a bolt-on roll cage for extra safety. cheers!"
hope siew kiem will give me at least 3 out of 10marks. bwhaha!
fyi, i call my physics teacher siew kiem. gg


tomorrow i have to go smk sj for rehearsal for this saturday's iu performance. BOOHOO!
and in the night, i might be attending tiff's milliondollar birthday bash. =]
not sure what to get for her though. maybe an imitation chow kit lv purse? *bangsheadonwall*

i badly want my handphone back && a new digi cam.
nobody seems to be interested in buying my sexy ass except for jess, val, shinyee & su hui i think. they offering me prices like RM0.50 and RM1.00. how sweeeet of them. awwwww .___.