though the clock has yet to strike 12am ;D

So guys/girls,
How's your reunion dinner ? Happy yet interesting ? Met relatives that you only seen once a year ? All in all, wonderful dinner right ? (:

But not mine. Every year is nearly the same thing. Parents either argue on reunion day, first day of Chinese New Year or the day we pray the Emperor God. Not to say it is one person's fault, we need two hands to clap. Mostly it is my dad's fault. Hah, I'm blogging now while they are arguing. What a cny right ? Ohh, they said we're not going back to hometown later. Nice.

Okayy, enough of stories. Hope you guise enjoy your Cny =D

Wife is currently at Ipoh. She is going to Penang on Thursday but I'm going back from Penang on Wednesday, that if is I would to go lahh. Ahh, i miss her truckloads D: D: D: I wanna see her asap ! She gonna visit my place as soon as she comes back from Penang & I'm going to visit my in laws too ;D Baybee come back soon kay !

baybee in my dad's car with my phone wearing seatbelt :b

Owhhyes, my pal's birthday is coming ! Wai Yong lahh who else =) He is in my room playing GTA4 now while my parents shout at each other downstairs. Hahah ! Sorry lah if you ask why Im not bothered, Im just immuned to it. Mum just said she will drive up herself. Here I come Penang, yayy ! =D Mum please stay baack till Thursday. Bwahah

we look alike <33

i wanna hold you tight ;
through the night