We finally went for a date last Friday :D

Had lunch at

We watched

& had our dinner at

The movie was okay. I didn't get shocked from the movie, instead, I got shocked when baybee got shocked. Sushi was as usual, good. Bubba Gump is a must try ! Food is good, environment and ambient was great though some of their workers were too friendly with customers. Price is quite reasonable, Rm100 for two person.

Baybee is starting college tomorrow. I feel nervous for you, haha. Don't worry kay ! College is fun, I guess. You'll meet many new people and it's like a new life experience for you. Just tell me if you need anything, I'll always be there for you.

Went for the driving amali thing yesterday with baybee and Wai Yong. Supposed to go nearly a month ago but was delayed because something bad happened & timing was always wrong.

Justin met an accident yesterday and good thing he did not die. He didn't even got a cut. Front was pretty bad, radiator smashed, back seat got damaged by the woofer due to the impact, windscreen got minor crack, bla. It wasn't his fault so the other party have to pay for repairs.

flattened front.

Btw, Wai Yong's right bewb is bigger than his left ! I'll get a pic when I can !
And, there is something that you guys may not know.

I'm actually mix blooded !
old pic but start guessing =)

just so you know,
i feel so loved by you <3>