Just came back from the Futsal Competition held by my college. Tiring but fun, I shall say. & I scored the only goal for our team, Chu Chu Pao, which is in the match against Titans in the 8-1 result, haha ! So, competition continues next weekend. 2nd place is ours !! @#%^@#

Went to Tropicana City with baybee yesterday. Mall is practically new so yeah, not many people there. Even the cinemas are empty considering that only total of 8 person were in the hall.
Watched -

Perhaps 2/5 rating for this.

Don't bother watching it as I bet it is going to be a letdown. 155minutes of minimal action but more of talking & talking & talking & talking.

Will blog more bout yesterday once I get pictures from baybee (: Holiday Inn later & baybee is joining us tomorrow !

Huge ass snake !

Next post would be a post on my friend's wicked Honda City.

in my heart,
there will always be a place for you for all my lifeee