GORDON's blog. Just in case the first picture causes confusion.

A week's break is finally coming to an end. While baybee's break is about to start. One week is never enough, I have many more things to do and lots more of food to eat =/

Nom nom nom sexy sexy

Alright, shall stop whining and start blogging.

Sent my car for some touch ups on the scratches my bro left on the front bumper. Looks perfect now. Planning to get my roof and trunk into black.

Went to AC then to club with Beeboo, Su Hui, Justin, Kannan & Wai Yong. It was a surprise for Su Hui as she thought we're going to some cafe.

Complained all night long that we should have told her so that she could dress up instead of walking around promoting Starbucks.

Justin had to leave earlier because our smart friend, Zainal, wore slippers out. They went Carlos instead.

HAHAHA Wai Yong your face like cock.

At least this time there is Su Hui to help us take pictures :D We left earlier than expected because Su Hui need to go back. & Adele was actually coming already.


Justin celebrated his birthday past Saturday. Had dinner and cake at his place. Plus a bottle of Chivas.

Happy faces.

Baybee couldn't make it so I was left with no date.

While Tay brought Suee over.

So I got a rabbit to accompany me. Hahaha. Speaking of this rabbit, he came into Justin's house's compound few years back. Justin got himself a free cute little rabbit wtf just like that.


Happy Brithday (: in advance since your birthday actually falls on 1st July.

we then head over to my place for bbq.

We were late but thank god, there is still food left for us. Wings, prawns, sausages, nuggets, balls, pudding, fruits, blablablaaaaaaaa.

and drinks again to be shared by three.

Aryton vomitted & KO. That's why, don't show off :b Just finished showering when they rushed me out to take a ahaha epic picture with him. (picture was not posted due to Aryton's privacy.)

& he got himself a new tattoo when he knocked out.

Weyh baybee! I love you !
shy shy ahahah