HAPPY 100th DAY ANNI to Mr & Mrs Ooi (: 
to start off, most of my readers know, im having trouble blogging & stuffs. my co-blogger sucks, no offence. lets not talk bout her.
yeahh, i know my blog is dead & most of my readers left =/ i lost my blogging touch. i do not know how to blog anymore TT anyone know any way to save my blog? if you do, please dial 1800-help-thisblogisblardydead & speak to me. thks alot ;D

the reason i actually blog today is to tell you guys one story. for readers below 18yrs old, kindly click the red X button on the top right of your page. expect explicit contents in this post =) its actually a love story im gonna tell. true story, duhh.
cross your fingers & be ready. im gonna start now. counting from

ONE point FIVE-

cut the crap, ill start now.

once upon a time, there is this idiot who doesn't give a fcuk bout his life. his ex broke his heart & its hard for him to accept someone else. ended up he broke people's heart too.

one day, he was performing at the leo installation. he was actually getting installed to some shit post on that day too. it all happpened during break time when he accidently made someone spill orange juice on a stupid girl. that girl was angry of cuz. the idiot actually knew the girl through friendster but he never get to see her before. nor do actually talked to her before. but! on the first time he met her, he already made someone spilled juice on her. sad huh? TT

he went online few days after that & that stupid girl added him in msn. they talked & he told the girl that he would rob a bank so that he can give her the money to her so that she can do hair extensions. tbh, there is nothing wrong with her in short hair. she has low self esteem, that's all :b

on the 13th of October 2007, one random person txted him
. random person called him a retard in that txt. suprisingly, he is not bothered by it. instead, he replied the person by saying "how you know im a retard? xD who are you anyways? =)"
he didnt even know why he replied that person in that way. usually he's not like that. he wont even bother replying it. weird right? o_o

that person appeared to be the her. didnt expect this to happen right? it was shocking D: but ohwe
ll, he replied & they continue talking. they never ran out of topics. they have lots of things to talk with each other. it feels weird for him not to txt her even for a day. they became friends after that. his friend's girlf is her friend. so eventually when the couple go out together, he & she will always follow along. but still he was shy when she is around him. he's not a shy person but why the fcuk is he shy now? weird right?

they became closer after he bought a couple number from Happy. they will talk till morning. & sometimes till the sun rises. crazy people, tsktsk.

one day, he realised that he started to have feelings over her. when he tried to hint her bout it, she didnt give any reaction. he was worried. worried that the girl might reject him. the girl didnt show any signs of liking him =/ but he did not give up, he likes the girl alot.

blablablaaaaaa. . .
he stopped smoking because she doesn't like it blabla

comes valentine's day! he planned a suprise for her. he lied to her that he's in school all the while. lied to her that he couldn't get a gift for her. all the lies was so perfect. it showed no signs of flaw wtf.
after school her school ends, he appeared right in front of her eyes with a bouquet of roses & a over-sized valentine's day card =D she was shocked upon seeing that, i swear. people start staring at her. & smiles could be seen everywhere =)
later on, they had lunch. valentine's day lunch. ahahahaha xD & since cny was still on, they went visiting her friend's place after that.


they went out together to sunway. she wanted to watch a horror movie so they did. tbh, she closed her eyes most of the time. so, he went to push her hand down. ended up, both of them hold hands. they went for dinner after the movie.

blablablablaaa. . . .

she had to go back. while walking to the bus stop, he wanted to kneeel down and ask her to be his love. HAHAHA TO BAD HE FAILED CUZ A BLARDY CAR HONKED HIM & ONE ASSHOLE WAS SQUATING ON THE FLOOR. finally, it was perfect, he could kneeel down anytime now. but before he managed to, she asked him to stop & asked him why he wants to kneel down. he asked her straight. he asked her the question thaat he wanted to ask all this while. && the girl accepted him.
he was happy & shocked. his heart beat goes like faster than the speed of a wink. the date on that day was 17022008 btw. 17th FEBRUARY 2008. seventeen february two thousand eight. happy happy happy!

which means today is their 100th day anni!

fyi, the lucky guy goes by the name of Gordon Ooi Hock Siang & the girl is Hooi Yi-Vonne ♥
gordon loves his sweet nice caring voluptous adorable stupid loving lazy girlf alot. mhmm, actually she's too nice =DD

he promise that he will never let her go. he'll always be there for her, rain or shine. in everything she does, he's supportive over it. he only wants nothing but the best for her (:
he hopes that his girlf will never let him go too.

he studying hard now btw. why, you ask? because he wants to feed mrs.ooi & kids next time.
he do not want to depend on his parents for his whole life.

baybee, i ♥ you very much. you showed me things that i never seen before. tell me things that i never heard from anyone before. with all those countless times me made me feel so touched. & now i believe in forever, i really do.

im sorry that i made you cry before. sorry that i made you angry before.
ill try my best not to make you cry or get angry anymore. its a promise im making & ill never break.


ohhbtw, baybee is the one who help me post this. but im the one who type all this kay! :b p/s : pls wait till 17 February 2058 for my 50th year anni with baybee post. anyone interested in buying my story, pls tell me. thks.