im gonna update this retard filled blog once again.
anyone miss my posts? *smiles widely* im sure all of you do! right?! right?!!!11!!1!!!

anyhooos! the reason i update is because some cute girl which goes with the name of yvonne reminded me bout my blog. ohwellls! she is retarded too cuz she reads my post. ;]

nabil went back last wednesday after spending his summer break here for two months =/
i miss him dowhh TT
*clears throat while wiping tears* nabil went back jeddah with a new pair of phats, rockin cunt shuffle skills, a new hairstyle, larger di#k and the vision of my in his mind.
lololol! i was just kidding bout the vision thingy.

anyhoooos! i did a tribute video for him and im waiting for justin to upload it in youtube for me.
things are kinda different without nabil. sighs sighs =/
no more public phone, public transport and public bank by my side. *rolls eyes*

To : Nabil

please do come back during your winter whatever break during december. kthxbai!

From : Gordon.

yvonne! enjoy reading my post.
you're a poser. a cute one i mean =Pp
sorry for making raine spill her sucky juice on your skirt. very very sorry i mean. =D

thanks for reading my blog, retards!
special thanks to yvonne for reminding me bout my dusty-rusty blog =]
tcare && have fun on this merdeka eve peoples. woohoo!
anyhoooos! happy birthday in advance to malaysia. xDD

p/s - i dont know whether nabil went back with a larger di#k or not. i was just guessing. =DD