omggg! my blog is dead. && its in hell now wtf.
so, im gonna make a bloody short but meaningful post today.

once upon a time, there is this dumbshit with the name of yvonne.
i dont know what other people think about her but for me, she's special.
she might not be the prettiest girl alive or sexiest one, but she's adorable to me.
&& she might not have the sweetest smile but when she smiles, my heart melts.

she's someone i could share my problems with, someone that i care alot for, someone that laughs at nearly everything that i say.

although i only know her for two months, i feel that i already know her for years.
yvonne really mean alot to me. *blushhh*

&& if i continue writing bout her, its not a short post anymore =P
i guess ill stop here.

fyi, deep down my heart is where she belongs.
i <3 her.