Yeah, so I wanted to blog about my cousin's wedding held at Penang two weeks back but now I changed my mind. Just a brief one aite ?

He was married to a girl from Perak, wedding was held at a hall, I drove the wedding car. Done.

Now, it's JPM Berjaya Hill Time Challenge. Was there as the time keeper (:

So, we left at 2pm last Friday. Upon arrival, we checked in then we were taken on a ride around the hill to have a look at our designed stations. Had my chance to sat on a Hummer H3.

Next morning,
We all woke up at 6am, got our breakfast & off we go to our stations. Mine was at the top of the hill alongside with Darrel and Mr.Aris

Spot RASA, Aris's JCW.

Job is to time the cars at the start for downhill and the end their time for the uphill challenge. Job was practically easy going & I get to see the faces of the drivers. Haha nothing special about it, I know.

The way the filled gases into the safety car, which is a Evo X.

Random cars I find interesting -

Cars above - Lamborghini Gallardo with Balboni kit, LP 560, Murcie, Gallardo, Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole / Ferrari F430, F430 Scuderia, 360 Challenge Stradale / Aston Martin DB7 & DB9, Audi R8 V8, CAV GT, Nissan GTR, Bentley with Mansouri kit, Subaru Impreza, Gemballa BiTurbo etc.

Hell yeah, the sounds of Tubi and Capristo is still in my ears. And the sounds from the screaming M3 !

There were many other supercars but well, I did not have to chance to take pictures. So, for more please feel free to view the following albums -

Kamarul's Album
Hann's Album
Marcus's Album
Rick's Album

Nevertheless, everything was a perfect experience. Was a pleasure working alongside with Mr.Aris, Darrel, the other marshalls and members from JPM Motorsports.