I look funny with my current hairstyle ! *complains

Im a very lazy person. & that is the reason I didn't blogged for days.
har har har har !

As many of you know, I'm appearing in KFC's upcoming commercial. Promoting their new product, KFC Hot Rod. It looks like a satay just that you wont get the usual peanut sauce and onions. Taste like KFC's typical chicken. Just imagine boneless KFC hot & spicy chicken on a stick. Meaty stick wtf.

Okayy, went for shooting last Monday. Arrived at superwonderful production house
at 5.15am. YEAH, AM ! From there, we left to the first shooting spot at Kota Damansara's KFC. Had breakfast, changed into the clothes provided, put some make up on & the stylist did our hair for us.

The Stars in their outfit !

Wardrobe director, make up artist, Anis, Eugene, me & assistant make up artist.

We had to shoot only three scenes there. Headed to Putrajaya for out next shot.

On our way there (:

Shot the rest of the scenes in front of a vacant building at Putrajaya. Here starts our tiring day. Producer expects me to shuffle hard. As in harder than hard ! & I had to jump on the same spot for 25 times ! Jump as high & happy as I can. Bugs bunny wtf.
Its blardy tiring ! But I kept going. I didn't swallow the chicken as it dries up in my mouth when I shuffle. Spit it out instead =x
Rhyne the wardrobe director keep telling me everything is gonna be fine & I did good. Passed drinks to me and helped me cool down. While Mei Ling the make up artist kept wiping my sweat for me & fan me. Both of them are nice people ;D Later on, it was Angeline, the assistant make up artist who had to kept on wiping my sweat.

Director with shades. Simon with cap =D

Handsome during his break time !

During my break, it was Nas's and Norman's turn. They were lucky as they were only needed to jump for 15-20 times ! They don't even need to shuffle that hard because it was going to rain that time ! Unfair! *grumbles
Even better, Eugene only needed to jump for 5 times during his shot. *grumbles
All thanks to the weather for helping them TT

Norman, Nas, Mei Ling and Anis

I had to stand there for them to look at during their shot :b

Cameraman, director, some fella plus fella in charge of camera.

Ohhbtw, any of you guys remember seen the U Mobile tvc before ? Remember the guy who sells grapes ? His name is Frankston & yeah, he is a nice guy too.

Frankston !

Rhyne kept making jokes about Mei Ling wanting to flirt with me. Hahahah ! Mei Ling kept saying that she is too old & stuffs. Rhyne continues making jokes bout Mei Ling & me. She called Mei Ling a wolf. Hahahah wtf. Rhyne makes fun of people. Especially at Devendran, the security guard. We even made a bet on how many pieces of Hot Rods Deven will swallow ;D

Do you know that the green backdrop and green wood surface actually represents Kota Damansara's KFC ? It is all about graphic.

Shooting was till 8 plus. Last scene was the most tiring one. Synchronized shuffling.
Had dinner there then head back to Superwonderful.

Not many pics as my cam died halfway through the day. Other pics are still with Angeline. Waiting for her to send it to me.

Overall, it was a great experience albeit a tiring one.
I would like to thank Simon the Casting Director for choosing me for this commercial, Mei Ling & Angeline for constantly helping me with make up and wiping my waterfall like sweat, Rhyne for her jokes & support & the rest of the crew for this commercial.

Im sorry baybee that I was busy on that day & I didn't really managed to txt you =/

What next ? Commercial for Inti college ? *grins

your hugs & kisses <3