hello ! co-blogger doing her job because boss and boss's wife angry cause i didn't do my job for quite some time already. zomgwtfbbq. i don't get pay to blog for this monkey here okay ! so mhm, lately Gordon is having examination. he sits right behind me. so yeah you can now start to imagine how suffering am i having a monkey behind me.

that's Gordon's butt. and him doing Additional Mathematic homework. last month homework -.- yeah Gordon is usually very busy in class :
  • replying sms
  • playing cards
  • planning evil plans to disturb Tharsh, Nicole, Farah and i
  • gossip (yeah he do gossip)
  • missing his girlfriend
okay did i mention 17th March was the day Gordon can't stop disturbing me? cause it was his one month anniversary with Yi-vonne :) he was so happy to have her till he can't stop mentioning about her everyday in class :D so sweet ! how i wish Kenny Yew will mention about me 24/7 in college wtf dreams that won't come true.

so congrats for 1 month anniversary to both of you :D

& i know this blog is boring because of Gordon's lack of update. well, actually he don't update. so you may move on to my blog which is :


a better blog :D i update everyday ! LOL.

signing off,
co-blogger (Grace)