omg omg omg omg time really flies, i swear !!

the queen & king, hail.

Dearest baybee/syg/dear/sweetheart/hun/sexy,

I want to thank you for giving me a wonderful year filled with your love and care. Though sometimes you could be irritating & stuffs but you're always there to make me happy. You're always there for me no matter what happens. You have in seen me in my happiest time & even in saddest one. You too, is always supportive on what I do. How sweet can you be lahh ? Thank you for surprises & thank you for baking and cooking for me food. All these small things you do is enough to make my heart melt. Baybee, I'm sorry making you upset at times. I promise, I'll be better but it takes time. Now, I just wanna hug you & tell you how lucky I am to have you T____T


& i promise you that you will always have that special place in my heart.
We have more & more & more & never ending anniversaries to come yea ?

Your baybee/syg/dear/sweetheart/hun/sexy

this pic made her laugh D:

smile =D

So, we went for a movie today & sushi for lunch. Baybee was the boss ;D Later on, bought her a dress & she bought me a shirt. I was so reluctant into her getting me a gift. She got emo because of that. So, I gave up and listened to her. Thanks baybee ! Went for dinner at Dragon-i. Food was great. After dinner, I slipped on the ring I bought for her into her finger & she slipped the other one into mine. Wheeeeeeeee excited ! Wtf i damn detailed, shit.

notice the dress change, haha.

other pics are with baybee.

Taking our album photos tomorrow !
*jumps around in excitement.