WOOSH! shuffle comp @ qbar tomorrow. three sdF members joining. justin havent confirm yet though. im joining btw. *rollsonfloor*
my mama damn supportive. she like pushing me to join. she ask me to bring my dad go clubbing. *smacksforehead*
ohwells! havent ask my bro whether he wanna teman me yet or not.
good luck to those that are joining yarh x]

went out yumcha today with justin. we, the gay couples went to the park.
suddenly jac wanna see me. so do mich wanna see justin. fyi mich is justin's ex.
both of us went to usj2 to meet them up. tan fetched justin with his moto && i cycled like some sohai. =D

had a great time with jac. was happy that i get to see her today *winks*
i cycled around and she sit on the frame. pity her cuz her ass hurts when she sits on that hard-ass-hurting-frame. so she gets down and both of us walked together. blablaetcetc edi then she have to go mamak with much to meet up with some friends edi. =/
give her a hug && kiss then said byebye =]
then i turn back and shout "OIIIIIIII! I LOVE YOUUUUU" to her so loud that birds started flying away from the tress. hahah. i know im pathetic.

anyhoooos! why so many people are emo nowadays? em0kids. sheesh.

ilovejacqueline <3