old pic, very very old pic. (:

im sick T_____________T
ive got a very very bad flu. & slight headache.
i dont fall sick often but once i do, it gets serious =/
got no med & nobody is free to take me to the clinic.
nice right omg.
i didnt let baybee know that im sick because i do not want her to get worried.
i don't wanna ruin her vacation, haha.
ahhh, i miss her & i need her hugs D:

& i'm bored ! i wanna go out but im sick. now you see how sucky it is ?
i did went out earlier. to help justin with his car's skirting. tried to remove his skirting diy style & putting it back again. managed to do it but not much of a diff after that =X
after that, we went to get a spanking brand new oversized visor for his car.
his car looks cuter now ;D

diy, justin.

julius asked me out for dinner but im sick. & for movies.
sorry cant make it =/

thats all for today. ive been updating my blog quite often recently.
hahaha suprising ;D

i need my superbabi TT
faster come back & hug me.
syg syg me also !